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A magician for an unforgettable and sophisticated wedding

Do you want to make your wedding original? Do you think to hire a professional magician? It will be a beautiful surprise for your guests! Magician for weddings offers different kind of performances: close up (close magic), children's show, general show.

Magic for a wedding:
• Qualified and refined services
• Personalized magic (ex: Close-up Magic + children show + balloon sculptures)
• Customized magic tricks
Our options:
• Workshops: magic, makeup, ballon sculptures or origami  
• Animation and Games: Casual games inside or outside, large thematic games.
• Animations Adults: Quizzes, Blind test, mini games.

Show conditions:
• At the cocktail and wine of honor: Close-up
• During the meal: Close-up from table to table
• Final: Show for all guests
• Examples of magical effects: Travel of alliances with appearance and disappearance

Magical effects:
• Magic with rings: A ring travels from the hand of magician to the pocket of viewer.
• Appearances and Disappearances: Magic with foam balls.
• Money tricks: A banknote floats freely in the air.

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